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Beauty, Technology, Speed: The YZF-R6 has it
On track or street, the YZF-R6® is one of the most advanced
supersport machines ever built. Aerodynamic MotoGP® styling wraps
up an incredibly intelligent racing machine, complete with ABS brakes,
top-shelf suspension and a full suite of electronic rider aids.



Unparalleled Racetrack Success
The Yamaha YZF-R6 has won more AMA middleweight races and
championships than any other 600cc sportbike, making it the number
one choice for amateur and professional racers alike.



Legendary R6 Handling
The R6 combines superior mass centralization with highly-developed
suspension and refined ergonomics to become one of the most
nimble machines in the supersport class. The result is awesome road
feedback, traction feel, and greater cornering confidence.



Thrilling Power and Control
With a class-leading, high-revving four-cylinder powerplant at its
heart, and traction control and D-Modes allowing the rider to extract
even more performance from the potent engine, the R6 screams across
the start/finish line ahead of the pack.